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Reunion Heritage House

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Reunion Heritage House is a unique heritage property, nestled in the heart of the renowned UNESCO World Heritage Site of Georgetown, Penang.

This over 100 year old pre war shop house was once a warehouse featuring the Southern Chinese Eclectic Style which was built around 1840-1900's, by the artisan from South China hired by the Chinese Merchants reside here.

The shophouse is an urban building form that dominates the built cultural heritage of George Town. George Town has the largest number of shophouses in Southeast Asia. The early architecture was an amalgamation of cross cultural values, ideas, traditions of immigrants and indigenous builders, and the adaptation to the availability of building materials, skills, transportation, as well as appropriateness to the tropical climate.

Each decade has a distinct decorative façade style that shares a common characteristics: They are multifunctional - downstairs shop, upstairs house , low rise, 2-3 storey, Narrow fronts, deep rears, narrow staircase.

With a buildup area of 260 feet long', our house is one of the few longest shophouse in Georgetown. The shophouse encompasses 2 units with 2 entrances, front entrance faces Vitoria Street, back entrance faces Beach Street. The house is linked by 3 open airwells.

The dilapidated house was old, and refurbish in 2014. The restoration was done in accordance to UNESCO Heritage Building Rules, gracefully keeping the house's original structures including the staircase, timber shutter and air wells. The whole process took 2 years to complete and finally opened in mid 2016.

You are
part of our family!

Each of Reunion Heritage House's 14 room or suite is furnished with luxurious and comfortable bedding, retro fittings, Merbau & Cenggal hardwood flooring. Our rooms are also individualized by the sensitive introduction of compatible materials in balanced of a heritage ambience, whilst ensuring you are provided the contemporary convenience during your stay.

At Reunion Heritage House, it has to do with being friendly, warmth and kind. Our guests are our valuable family members, they are most welcomed and invited to enjoy an unforgettable lodging experience in our charming hotel.

In all, we want YOU to Feel At Home.

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